Term‘s transfer of the decision of the MK JT 55

Special prize - special award

Special prize – special award

Dear friends!

Today the result of my jubilee tourney should by published in this place. Because of my labour engagement, but, in particular, because of a huge amount of contributions, I have not handled to elaborate the result yet. It is even not possible to publish a part of problems in the web-site via the accessible applications that I have involved in the separate section. Therefore I had to develop an absolutely new technical solution. That’s why, I am begging you for a little of patience. It will certainly not last 55 days, but certainly more than 5+5 days. So far I may reveal only such a thing that a special prize with the particular award will be given.

All participants will be informed about the publishement of the results by email.
Many thanks.

Marián Križovenský

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  1. Marián ,
    I am ready for a shot (probably more) of Madera!

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