Award of Marián Križovenský 55 JT

It was participate on the tourney 42 authors from 13 countries with 82 entries. Considering to big scattering of themes, stipulations and conditions I divided problems into three sections as follows:
A – orthodox (31 entries)
B – fairy (42 entries)
C – others (mathematical, ornamental, retro (9 entries).

Prescribed theme: 55 (two fives):

Every theme including at least 2×5 (or 5+5) arbitrary elements is allowed. E.g. five transferred mates / changed mates / variants / defense motifs / harmful effects in two phases, 5 solutions in a twin, 5 white + 5 black promotions, 5 white + 5 black pieces and the like. However, also multiplied showing of five elements is welcome.

Everything is allowed: any stipulation, any number of moves, fairy pieces and/or conditions, promoted pieces, any type and size of chess board as well as multiple solutions, twins, and even illegal position.

As a theme enabled wide interpretation, also problems level was disparate. From simplest that were theme satisfactory only by count pieces (5+5) till to complicated new-strategic and formal themes and mainly in section B marvellous amount of used fairy pieces and stipulations.

Paradoxical heavist for me was judging in section A (orthodox), beacuse it meeted altogether such problems as are being in standard tourneys in different sections. But if it was a thematic tourney, by judging I proceeded at first regarding to theme processing and as late as another content.

It was pleasure for me to study sended entries, even though it took me longer then I promised by anoncing the tourneys. But as I hinted in the post Term‘s transfer of the decision of the MK JT 55 , authors of all first prizes get as compensation a bottle of high-class rum Dos Maderas 5+5. Therefore 3 x (5+5). This special prize I will pass to winners myself at the earliest meeting and the application Chess Diagraf I will distribute to authors of all participated problems during few weeks.

A big part on a longer award processing had its technical preparation, because I must overcome display of non standard chessboard sizes and animation of non standars stipulations. I hope therefore, that so much more interesting will be the award not only for authors but also for the others “viewers”.

Award will be published individualy by sections in the course of few days. After publishing the last parts – section C entire award will be available at the same time in pdf file too.

Before award publishing I want thank all of authors, who honoured me by enclosing its problems to the tourney and of course congratulate to all awarded authors.

Technical remark:
Not all problems was possible prove by any computer program. Status C below every diagram means:
C+ → problem was tested by Popeye v. 3.75
C+ by Winchloe → problem was tested by Winchloe
C- → problem was not tested by computer program or was tested only partially.





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