Short summary of MK 55 JT C 4.4.2016

4. 4. 2016 at midnight ended the deadline of thematic composing tourney Marián Križovenský 55 JT.

The annoncement theme 5+5 met with unexpected interest of chess composers from around the world. Their entries sent 42 composers from 13 countries, altogether 82 composition of most various genres!

Thanks all of participants for congratulations to my jubilee and especially for all contributions thereat created and sended. As I promised by the annoncement, result will be published on this site till 55 days from ending of deadline this tourney. Meantime I will with pleasure study it amount of original compositions.


Result will be published at


it is in:



  1. Happy birthday Marian!
    All the best!

  2. Happy birthday Marian! I am much impressed too by the response of chess composers to your 55 JT! Thank you for your feedback and enjoy your gift!

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